About us

The MidCap Alliance unites leading independent corporate finance advisory firms in one highly collaborative environment. The core values, experience and positioning of the MidCap Alliance place it at the heart of the complex and challenging international cross border transaction universe.

The MidCap Alliance executes complex corporate finance assignments that are international in scope. Teams are seamlessly formed and tailored for each client assignment to include the most appropriate firms and professionals in order to maximise the opportunities of success.

The MidCap Alliance puts at the service of its corporate clients, a full range of transaction services required for the execution and financing of cross border transactions.

Organisation of the Mid-Capital Alliance

The Alliance was constituted to better serve our clients. It is an outward looking organisation, spending very little time on internal issues.

The MidCap Alliance has a collegiate culture. The professionals treat each other across the geographies as colleagues.

We are principle-based, not rule based. We do not need a procedures manual. Colleagues instinctively observe professional standards and etiquette.

We have been careful to ensure that all our processes support this approach, from the weekly conference calls on active matters to the monthly high level strategic calls and twice-yearly full Alliance two-day meeting.

The alliance has a co-ordinator and an administrator to provide day to day support from the centre.

Resources of Mid-Capital Alliance

On a combined basis, all the member houses together are equivalent to an investment bank advisory team, with over 150 professionals. The firms are typically private partnerships with senior partners coming from the M&A departments of international investment banks such as Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, UBS, BNP Paribas and Goldman Sachs.

The attraction of the Alliance is the ability to match a client’s needs to a deep pool of deal-hardened advisors who can be called upon and made readily available to assist without limitation of geographic borders.

We have avoided the restricted viewpoint of permanent sector teams (silos) and instead maintain a midmarket approach at the country level involving wide networking with the market to maximise our coverage and proprietary intelligence.